Analysis Strategy Creativity Output

Analysis - Brand Language Design ®

The  Brand Language Design ® uses the Big Data asking queries through a proprietary tool, it investigates and monitors the web on a daily basis in order to achieve useful insights capable of picking up consumers' sentiment and analysing their behaviour.

The Analysis traces the map that defines the current status of the brand, observes the ongoing and emerging  trends and identifies the territory of future choices.


Relation & Identity

It is necessary to define the territory of values where the relation with consumers begins and it develops. This allows to know the real identity and the brand essence.



To monitor the health state of a BRAND it is necessary to constantly track the consumer’s SENTIMENT and measure its perception in relation to the competitve scenario.



To feel the pulse of the market, it is necessary to know the reference environment and monitor the action of direct and indirect competitors.


Needs & habits

To understand the social trends it is necessary to be able to identify the useful patterns of behaviour in order to trace evolution in real time.



To understand how the future trends will shape reality and to identify their strenghts and potentialities, it is necessary to discover the signs of change and the causes that have generated them.



To understand the reasons of the process of choosing, purchasing and consumption, it is necessary to analyse consumer’s behaviour and what determines its change.