12 Feb 2018

Admired Brands and Enduring Relationships

Last year in June, we faced for the first time the topic related to Brand Admiration and, thus, the way to build a coherent, consistent brand able to enable, entice, and enrich customers: the 3s brand...

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29 Jan 2018

Millennials are really socially aware. Or not?

We faced the topic related to Millennials and their relationship with food in a piece of analysis in September last year. As a matter of fact, Millennials are one of the most important and growing generations at a worldwide level.

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27 Nov 2017

What does mean a compelling Content Strategy today?

Today we live in an era in which there is an excessive amount of exposure to messages from broadcast, print and online platforms, whether we are conscious of it or not.
The inescapable reality of communications consumption is eye-...

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15 Nov 2017

The BrandLanguageDesign® and Domus Academy

On Wednesday, the 8th of November, Artefice Group told its own twenty-years story made of passion and experience devoted to brands, to the Domus Academy's students, attendees of the “Research Methods and Tools” course in Milan.

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06 Nov 2017

What does Storytelling mean today?

Human beings have lived across ages, listening to stories, loving them.
Coming to our days, we are still enjoying stories, especially the good ones, whether they are novels, movies or simply something one of our friends is explaining...

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16 Oct 2017

Are immersive and interactive experiences critical for brands?

In our last article, we argued about the prominence of Culture and its relation with the brand life. The next step involves the ability brands should have to create immersive and interactive experiences.
Are these simply a fad...

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