What is Brand Language Design ®?

Language and Design create stories and the ways to tell them: Brand Language Design ® means building the elements for Brand Pillars, the basis of the real experiential relationship with customers.

The translation of the Language and the Design in visual and verbal forms define the outward expression of the brand: Brand Language Design ® gives shape to brand values.

Language and the way it is designed defines relationships. Contents and the tone-of-voice reflect the level of engagement among brand and customers: Brand Language Design ® nourishes the relation.

Brand Language Design ® establishes a deep and emotional connection among brands and their customers.

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About us

AG Brand Language Design ® is the new born organization to spread our vision in the global market, where we have set up an open community of talented best-in-class professionals with integrated skill and experiences.

We belong to ARTEFICE GROUP, an Italian Independent, International Award Winning Group, with more than 19 years of experience in the Italian and European market.

Our purpose is to deliver relevant experiences and contribute to the CULTURE OF INNOVATION.

We are a BRAND MANAGEMENT PROVIDER that aims to guarantee customized final outputs that perfectly fulfill every Client's need.

Furthermore, we have the pure Italian taste and style, born from the history, art, design, and beauty of our origins.